Maximum Protection. No Flaking or Cracking.


Machine ColourGuard is designed as a primer for timber prior to assembly into furniture, gates, etc. It will penetrate into the timber and provide short term UV and water resistance.

Machine ColourGuard is specially formulated to minimise streaking. It will “even out” natural colour variations in the timber.

End users are encouraged to re-coat with Timbachem ColourGuard, or Jarrah Oil, after the product is put into service.

News Flash!

Machine Colourguard is now available in HIGH FLASH POINT FORMULA. Despite a slight increase in dry time, the high flash (HF) formula will improve flammability risks in the workshop. Also, because the product stays liquid longer on the timber, better penetration is achieved. Just ask for Machine ColourGuard HF.


Timber surfaces should be dry, clean and free from paint, varnish or other non-porous coatings. Machine ColourGuard should be applied straight from the drum.

The most efficient method of application is dipping, however the product may be applied using brush, flood spray or roller.

Dipping tanks should be sealed between uses to prevent thickening of the product.

A higher quality finish may be achieved by rubbing the stain into the timber with a coarse cloth, prior to wiping off the excess residue.

Components may be stacked without blocking after approximately 30 minutes free draining in a well-ventilated area.

Touch Dry: 1 to 2 hours.

Drying Time: 1 day.

Coverage: 5-10 square metres per litre depending upon method of application and texture and porosity of timber surface. For optimum performance thinning is not recommended.

Clean up with Mineral turpentine or Solvent HF.

Warning: Use adequate ventilation. After use, soak oil rags and cloths in water and dispose of them promptly to avoid spontaneous combustion.

Machine ColourGuard and Machine colourGuard HF are available in 20 litre and 200 litre containers.


We encourage customers to contact our Technical Department directly to discuss the use of ColourGuard and Jarrah Oil.

Phone (08) 9437 1488, Fax +61 8 9248 4015, or email us.

Machine ColourGuard - Material Safety Data Sheet