Maximum Protection. No Flaking or Cracking.

EZY DECK - Classic Linseed Oil Finish

Ezi Deck Apply straight from the bucket.

Outlasts decking oils.

In the good old days, the traditional Aussie method of oiling the verandah was to mix Linseed oil with kero. This offered great durability and protection but it turned timber black. Ezy Deck is also made from Linseed oil, but we guarantee that it won't turn your timber black!

Linseed oil does not dry and the sticky surface will attract dust and dirt.
Bacteria and fungus love linseed oil. This can lead to problems under paint films.
New water based timber primers have poor adehsion to linseed treated joinery.
Linseed oil in kero is flammable and rags soaked in this mixture can spontaneously combust when left un-attended.

We use a specially modified form of linseed oil which will "dry" on exposure to air. Once dry, our products are water repellent and will not pick up dirt or bacteria.

Ezi Deck application Ezy Deck offers the natural durability and protection of Linseed oil to preserve and protect hardwood decks, pergolas and structural frames. The result is a traditional, low maintenance finish which will outlast typical decking oils by up to 30%.

The great thing about using Ezy Deck is that it's easy! Try the Oates MS-001 Squeeze Mop as a ready-to-use, good value applicator that's ideal for decks. This mop actually applies Ezy Deck at the correct rate, and takes less that half the time to finish the job! Coverage will average 18 square metres per litre on decks.


  • Ezy Deck gives a rich golden finish to CCA pine (use 2-3 coats and transform dull pine).
  • Ezy Deck can be applied over most decking oils to extend their life.
  • Recoating only requires the surface to be clean and dry. If the surface has been allowed to deteriorate, a light sanding or timber cleaner may be required.


Ezy Deck has been widely used under Australian conditions for over 12 years - but don't take our word for it! Try it yourself!


Customers are welcome to contact our Technical Department directly to discuss the use of Ezy Deck.

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Ezy Deck - Material Safety Data Sheet