Maximum Protection. No Flaking or Cracking.


ColourGuard For Dark Timber:

This is specifically designed for use on Jarrah and other dark timbers to retain the natural, rich colour and character. It contains a "transparent" pigment, which enhances the beauty of the wood. COLOURGUARD for Dark Timber is the same formula as the original "Jarrah Colourguard".

It is ideal for use on jarrah gates, outdoor furniture, fences, decking, joinery, pergolas, and turned or structural posts.

Although primarily formulated for jarrah, it may be used on any dark species of timber.

ColourGuard For Light Timber:

This is specifically designed for use on light coloured timbers such as Teak, Pine, Western Red Cedar, Blackbutt, Douglas Fir, Marri etc. It contains a novel "white" transparent pigment, similar to that used in "sunblock" skin protection, and therefore allows the natural character of the timber to show through.

It is ideal for use on joinery, timber gates, outdoor furniture, fences, decking, pergolas, and turned or structural posts.

Other ColourGuard

Timbachem now manufacture Clear, Teak and Hardwood ColourGuard specifically for "The Outdoor Furniture Specialists" in Australia. Please see for a list of store locations.


Timber surfaces should be dry, clean and free from paint, varnish or other non-porous coatings. ColourGuard should be applied straight from the can using brush, spray or foam applicator. Superior results may be achieved by dipping the timber components in ColourGuard prior to assembly. ColourGuard is not recommended for green (un-seasoned) timber.

Excess product should be wiped off approximately 5 minutes after application with a clean, lint-free cloth.

A higher quality finish may be achieved by rubbing the stain into the timber with a coarse cloth, prior to wiping off the excess residue. Two coats are recommended for optimum exterior results.

Recoating Time: 24 hours.

Drying Time: 12 hours.

Dark ColourGuard and Light ColourGuard may be used on any species of timber however trials should be conducted when a previously untried timber is to be coated.

Coverage: 5-10 square metres per litre depending upon method of application and texture and porosity of timber surface. For optimum performance tinting and/or thinning is not recommended.

Clean up with Mineral turpentine.

Warning: Use adequate ventilation. After use, soak oil rags and cloths in water and dispose of them promptly to avoid spontaneous combustion. Please read our Material Safety Data Sheet prior to using ColourGuard.

ColourGuard is available in 1 litre, 4 litre, and 15 litre containers.


ColourGuard treated timber should be re-coated on a regular basis. In the worst possible case, i.e. north facing (south facing in northern hemisphere), and totally exposed, the products should last at least one season. South-facing, sheltered surfaces should last up to five years.

Re-coating is simple:

  • Wash the surface down to remove dirt.
  • Allow to dry. Recoating is best done in warm weather.
  • Apply one or two coats of the same type of the product that was originally used.

If the surface of the timber has seriously degraded, as evidenced by greying and checking, a light sanding is recommended to freshen up the timber.

Hint: If your Colourguard treated timber has become dull and dirty but not weathered, spruce it up with our Orange Oil!


We encourage customers to contact our Technical Department directly to discuss the use of ColourGuard.

Phone (08) 9437 1488, Fax +61 8 9248 4015, or email us.

ColourGuard - Material Safety Data Sheet