Maximum Protection. No Flaking or Cracking.

COLOURGARD - Sunblock for Timber

In 1986, TIMBACHEM were asked to develop an exterior coating for Jarrah (E. Marginata). The outdoor decking, gate and garden furniture market had experienced trouble with other products due to peeling and flaking.

Timbachem approached the problem by considering the need for a coating that could be easily maintained; yet provide natural protection and enhancement for the natural features of the wood.

After an extensive literature search, a resin base was found which was specifically designed for timber. This alkyd oil resin is modified with a polymer that induces flexibility when the resin cures. A formulation was developed which combined the resin with UV absorbers, a "transparent" pigment, a water repellent and a special additive that improved the penetration of the product into the timber. A new generation biocide was added to promote protection of the cellulose in the timber from bacteria.

The new product has been tested under harsh exterior conditions in Australia against several other products and found to be superior in timber protection and ease of maintenance.

So, what's the difference between other products and COLOURGUARD?

Tar oil preservatives such as creosote can afford excellent protection but generally destroy the look of timber, and paint also provides excellent protection but completely obscures the grain and colour of the original timber.

Varnishes will protect the surface and enhance the appearance of timber, however four major problems occur. UV rays penetrate the coating and attack the lignin in the wood resulting in fading and checking, and once checks have opened up, water can penetrate which eventually results in flaking. Also, bacteria and fungus will attack the cellulose of the timber which results in greying and maintenance is cumbersome because the system must be sanded back to new wood before recoating can be successful.

COLOURGUARD, on the other hand, resists ultra-violet radiation, won't crack or flake, repels water, has a drying rate that enables maximum penetration, provides a degree of preservative activity, has excellent colour retention and low dirt retention, plus it's available in both light and dark colours.

The success of these formulations is now evident. The products are used extensively throughout Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA and Europe . The ease of use, combined with realistic value has seen the market grow continuously.