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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do I purchase COLOURGUARD products?

A. For Australian enquiries please call our office on (08) 9437 1488 for a list of stockists in your area. You can also email us.
If you are in:
North America
Hong Kong

South Africa

Q: I notice some COLOURGUARD products are water based. Won't this provide less effective protection?

A: Not at all! Our modified linseed oil has been reacted in a way to make it partially water soluble. With the addition of special solvents, driers, water repellants, biocides and UV absorbers. Today we employ industry standard Quality Assurance methods to maintain high tolerance specifications, so you can rest assured that your timber will be protected from the harsh Australian climate.

Q: Which product is best for my application?

A: We recommend using either ColourGuard for Light Coloured Timber, or ColourGuard for Dark Coloured Timber on joinery and furniture.
For decking (all species) we recommend EZY DECK.
Jarrah Oil can be used on any timber. It is ideal for gates, fences and screens.

Q: Can I apply ColourGuard products to weathered (grey) timber?

A: We do not recommend this. Weathered timber is a poor substrate for any surface coating. The grey colour is essential degraded cellulose and this gives poor adhesion for coatings and adhesives. It is always best to sand the timber (120grit paper), to expose fresh wood. After sanding, it is important to remove sanding dust prior to coating. This can be done buy wiping the surface with a lint free rag moistened with mineral turpentine. For decking, particularly reeded decking, the surface can be prepared by scrubing with a stiff broom and mild detergent. Rinse well and allow to dry prior to coating with EZY DECK. High pressure water cleaning is also effective.

Q: Will ColourGuard wash off?

A: No. ColourGuard, Jarrah Oil and EZY DECK are designed to cure (crosslink). This makes them highly water resistant.
If you are experiencing staining it is probably due to tannin leaching from the timber, or sanding dust from the preparation.
Tannin rich timbers such as Kwilla (Merbau) and Spotted Gum can be "de-tanninised" with TIMBAWASH. Sanding dust should be removed prior to coating.

Q: How do I calculate coverage, drying time and re-coat time?

A: Please go to the product pages for each product for more specific information.

Q: Someone suggested I use linseed oil mixed with kerosene to protect my timber. Is this okay?

A: Linseed oil does not dry and the sticky surface will attract dust and dirt.
Bacteria and fungi love linseed oil. This can lead to problems under paint films.
New water based timber primers have poor adhesion to linseed treated joinery.
Linseed oil in kerosene is flammable and rags soaked in this mixture can spontaneously combust when left un-attended.

Our ColourGuard, Jarrah Oil, Joinery Oil and Industrial Primers are formulated to prevent these problems and product a great looking finish to your timber.

Q: Some of your products are based on linseed oil but you don't recommend using linseed oil. Why is this?

A: We use a specially modified form of linseed oil which will "dry" on exposure to air. Once dry, our products are water repellent and will not pick up dirt or bacteria.

Q: How should I store ColourGuard?

A: ColourGuard, EZY DECK and Jarrah Oil should be stored in a cool dry place. If you have used more than half of the tin, please decant the remainder into a smaller container to reduce the "head space". Remember that our products cure by reaction with air and if there is lots of air in the container, they may become gluggy.

Hot Tip!

On hot days it is best to decant a small quantity of ColourGuard into a container for use then seal the original tin and place in the shade. This will prevent the product in the can from evaporating or becoming gluggy.

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