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TIMBACHEMTIMBACHEM commenced business in Perth, Western Australia in 1981 with the aim of producing adhesives, coatings and preservatives specifically for Australian hardwoods.

By 1990 the business had developed a range of products including adhesives for glue-laminated beams, primers for garden furniture, sanding sealers for joinery and glues for parquetry flooring.

During the 90's the emerging outdoor furniture business required coatings to improve the appearance and durability of its products.

In response to this demand, the COLOURGUARD range of outdoor furniture coatings was developed. COLOURGUARD needed to be affordable, easy to apply, easy to maintain, long lasting, and readily available.

By the mid 1990's, Australian outdoor furniture manufacturers commenced exporting their products to North America, Japan, South Africa and Europe. Many of these manufacturers also took COLOURGUARD protective oils with them.

Of particular interest was the maintenance of Jarrah furniture. TIMBACHEM pioneered a non-flammable yet oil-based coating to nourish and protect the timber. This product also conformed to strict USA environmental and chemical safety regulations. The product became known as JARRAH OIL.

JARRAH OIL is based on modified linseed oil that has been reacted in a way to make it partially water soluble. With the addition of special solvents, water repellants, biocides and UV absorbers, JARRAH OIL has successfully fulfilled the needs of WA garden furniture manufacturers for over 10 years. In that time TIMBACHEM has manufactured over one million litres of exterior timber protection.

Today we employ industry standard Quality Assurance methods to maintain high tolerance specifications. All our products a manufactured by us in Australia.

TIMBACHEM backs up its products with online customer service for both local and international clients.

More recently, COLOURGUARD has extended its range of technology based coatings for the protection of other exterior timber. Our particular know-how is now employed in coatings for decking and exterior timber screens. COLOURGUARD now protects a diverse range of timbers such as kwila, spotted gum, tallowwood, balau, ironwood, and treated pine.

Our Teak, Clear and Hardwood formulations have been developed for enduring domestic applications.

We continue to test new technologies from Australia, USA and Europe which prolong the performance and handling of exterior timber coatings. Successful new products for timber include safe joinery oils, compatible with modern paint systems and, shop primers based on safer, high-flashpoint, low odour solvents for reduced risk and superior performance.

Our EZY DECK decking oil is gaining strong acceptance around Australia. Customers in Japan, China and Korea are now using EZY DECK.

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